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My OFFICIAL NFTs Art & Collections

My Exclusive and Unique Collections of Art and Collectibles NFTs available for MINTING on on JANUARY 16th 2022

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Limited Spots Available


First xXx Exclusive NFT Collection consisting in 10 Unique NFT. NFT-VIP Perks Attached for any Collector.
The Secret Key to retrieve your goods is Unlocked
After you MINT the NFT.

Unique means that any of the 10 Collectibles will grant you an Exclusive Product and Service.

Head Over the Images Below to Discover It's Exclusive PERKS.
Then Click on the one you like and Head on Opensea to MINT your.

WHITELISTED PRE-SALE on January 15th 2022
PUBLIC SALE on January 16th 2022


2nd Collection of 10 NFT For all my Loyal Fans and Customers!

You will be GIFTED One of this Unique NFT for Each Purchase of 1 Year Subscription to my Video Library here: OR you can MINT one of this NFT Here to get 1 FREE Year Subscription to my Video Library 1 SUPER RARE NFT that can ONLY BE MINTED HERE on will give you LIFETIME ACCESS to my video catalogue.